We have a few Joomla extensions that allow you to integrate your Joomla website with Disqus in various ways. Some of these extensions connect directly with the Disqus API. Our own JB:DisqusComments module is an example of a module that interacts directly with the Disqus API to obtain data about recent comments posted on a specific website.

In order to make authorized calls to the Disqus API, an extension must first obtain an OAuth access token. Disqus does not allow unauthorised requests to the API, and it also enforces limits on the rate of requests.

For this reason, you will need to enter your own secret key from your own Disqus application.

To obtain the secret key you'll need to create your own Disqus application however, you shouldn't be daunted by this. It's free, and only takes 5 minutes. We're going to give you a step by step guide to creating a Disqus application, and accessing your secret key.

#1 Visit the Disqus Application Management page

Head over to disqus.com/api/applications, which is the page where you can create and manage your Disqus applications.

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