I suppose I’m writing this on behalf of everyone that builds extensions for Joomla (us being one of them), in the hope that it might inspire you if you have a good experience with an extension.

By ‘good experience’, I mean this – you’ve downloaded and installed a module (either a free or paid one) and it does what it was designed to do and what you expected it to do. No other extensions or templates broke, any instructions you needed were available and there was an appropriate level  (keep in mind that free extensions are quite often not supported to the same level as paid) of help there if you needed it.  All in all, it just went as well as it could have done.

And it’s at this point that you can do something that will really help the company/person who spent time making the extension – tell other people how good it was. And where’s the best place to do this? That would be the Joomla Extensions Directory or JED.

The JED is a place where developers list their Joomla extensions and people who are looking for an extension for their site find them. The thing is, there are often hundreds of extensions in a given category so how do you know which ones work the best – by the reviews left by people who use them. Just like Joomla, it’s a ‘community’ thing; you leave a review that helps other people to judge how ‘good’ an extension is and whether it’ll work for them

Without the reviews, the JED is going to become a big mush of extensions – some incredibly good and professionally developed, some really, really bad – and no-one will know which is which.  So please, if you find a really good extension and use it on your site, leave a review on the JED – it’ll take 5 minutes of your time and you’ll be helping the developer and other Joomla users at the same time...

Oh, one final thing – if you have a problem with an extension, please get in touch with the developer and give them a reasonable amount of time to fix any issues before you give them a less than perfect review...

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