When you've been using Joomla for 6 years and building websites for a lot more than that, there's very little at work that seems difficult - there's an occasional thing that needs a bit of investigation or research, but mostly you can work out how to write a bit of code to do what you need or change some settings in Joomla to make things look how you want...

...showing other people how to do it, using video screencasts, is something entirely more difficult to do - as Dave and I have been finding out over the past month or two.

Just record a few videos...

The JoomlaBuzz website and all the supporting stuff is getting close, the thoughts on how to structure things are coming along and so, copy of screencasting software installed, we set about the really easy bit of this whole adventure - actually making the videos that would form the backbone of the JoomlaBuzz concept. Except it's not easy - it's a long way off easy!!

The really weird thing is that we know like the back of our hands how to do all of the things that we're recording - it's just that everything is brought into such focus when you're trying to explain something step by step for someone who doesn't know how to do it. We're learning and getting better, but it's going to take a lot of practice!!

If we can do it, so can you.

I suppose the point to this is that it's good to learn new things - things that might be useful or just things that interest you - and that's really why we built JoomlaBuzz, to let people learn how to use Joomla.

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