The whole process of planning a site like this isn’t straightforward – little, seemingly unimportant, decisions you make now are magnified one hundred times over two years down the line when the site is bigger. There is so much we’ve got to think about, technical decisions, creative decisions, editorial decisions, commercial decisions – we’re trying to think through what things could be like in a year, two years, five years even, so that we don’t have to start again from scratch. We want a future proof (ish) idea and a future proof (ish) website and it’s really not that easy!

So, many hours of working out the best way to do everything have passed and we now have what we think is a workable strategy to build a great website with truly useful content. There is though, a fairly big change to one part of the initial plan...

The elephant in the room.

When Dave and I first thought about building JoomlaBuzz, we wanted it to be free for everyone to use. We’d put relevant advertising on the site to support some of the costs involved, but there wouldn’t be a fee to use the site. The thing is, at that stage, we really hadn’t appreciated just how much work would be involved in producing really good content – to make a good 10 minute tutorial video, it’s the best part of 6 hours of work (scripting, recording, editing, uploading, etc) – sometimes more – and don’t forget, if you’re doing a series of 10 videos about making a particular template, you’ve got to design and make the template first.

So when we were talking about making potentially hundreds of videos, the advertising model just wouldn’t work on such a ‘niche’ subject, we’d need thousands of visitors a day and we probably wouldn’t get them.

We’re going ‘freemium’

The thing is, we don’t want to be mercenary and corporate about this, after all, Joomla is open source and a lot of people give a lot of time to the project. What we’d like is to make JoomlaBuzz ‘sustainable’ - something that can grow and develop into a huge resource for everything Joomla. We’d like, eventually, to employ a few like-minded people to make it even bigger, but to get there, we’re going to need to charge a little bit for ‘premium’ content, but our overriding principal for JoomlaBuzz will always be this –

“We will make as much content free to access as we can.”

We’re also going to do something else that we didn’t intend to, we’re going to make the templates, components, modules and plugins that we base our videos on, downloadable – like the videos, some will be free, some will be premium.

What’s it going to cost.

The honest answer is that we don’t know yet – what we do know is that we want it to be affordable. The current thought is having maybe a six month subscription that will give access to all of the videos and all of the downloads – we’re going to be showing really advanced Joomla techniques and providing the finished products at the end, we’ve had a good look around and we can’t find anyone else charging so little for so much.

Download the extensions.

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