Hello, I’m Mick. I run a small web design studio in the UK and I’m also exactly one half of the people responsible for starting JoomlaBuzz.

The other half of the two people is Dave. Dave is a hugely experienced developer who’s written a number of very popular components, modules and plugins for Joomla over the past seven years.

Together, Dave and I are going to try to build something to create a ‘buzz’ about Joomla – see what we did there.

Where did this all start then?

It’s just before Christmas 2013 and the idea for JoomlaBuzz developed, as most good ideas do, over a beer – a beer and a chat between Dave and I about how good Joomla is, but concluding that there aren’t enough websites showing people just how good it is, or what it can do, or how to use it, or how to develop for it...

...several pints later, all that was set to change and a cunning plan had been hatched – Dave and I shall build a website, a website for anyone working with Joomla - from absolute beginners right through to experienced developers. We’ll build a website with tutorials, with guides, with reviews, with, well - with everything about Joomla.

And that’s where we started to think.

We planned to build an enormous website, a ‘temple of Joomla’ where literally everything you’d ever need to know would be documented – the problem is that the real world suddenly drifts into view - the world where you’ve got to earn a living from the business you already have; where you have to leave the office occasionally to see friends and family; the world where you can’t spend every waking hour building a website to help people use Joomla.

So, following a few more discussions (and beer), we settled on a starting point, a way to build a great resource whilst keeping a roof over our heads – to get things moving, we’ll concentrate on making really good video tutorials - videos to show people how to use Joomla, whether they’ve never used it before or they use it every day – we’ll make videos for everyone.

And so, JoomlaBuzz began.

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